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Activities Of SCORE

SCORE conducts its several welfare and Development initiatives through collaborating overcome agencies, private institutions and like-minded groups. I sincerely thank them and all our other partners and well wishers for their generous support in different ways. I wish and request this cooperation to continue in the successive year also to help SCORE to continue and achieve its development mission.

SCORE growth into a fully fledged development organization, covering over 45,000 people in 25 villages, is attributable to the sustained vision of a just and equitable society. Decentralization is the core component of this vision, as it allows beneficiary communities to use technological know-how and organizing capacities to develop according to the principles of self-governance. While our focus remains on decreasing the prevalence of water-borne illness and sustainably raising the water retention capacities of rural watersheds, SCORE gives us the flexibility to assist interventions in livelihood, prenatal and maternal health, credit networks and rights-based advocacy.

These efforts allow us the resources to approach development holistically and to use our experience in the development sector to further link tribal communities with other non-governmental organizations, international aid projects and government development agencies.


100% Inclusion : Participation of all households of a habitation is non-negotiable, which assures that all community members, including the poorest and most marginalized, benefit from SCORE's interventions equally.

Social Equity : All villagers, regardless of gender, caste or economic status, must be proportionally represented in the Village Executive Committee and there must be no hindrance for the participation of marginalized groups in the Village General Body. All villagers must have the opportunity to participate in SCORE's planning, implementation, operation, management and maintenance.

Gender Equity : Equal representation and participation of men and women in community level governance is essential. Women must play an active role in community governance institutions by assuming positions of power and responsibility equal to that of their male counterparts.

Sustainability : Development processes are based on sound environmental values that have built-in institutional and financial mechanisms to ensure that all infrastructures are properly maintained. A corpus fund is generated at an average rate of Rs. 1000/- per family - the poorer families contributing less and the better off more. This fund is invested in a bank at the best interest rates. While the principal amount will remain intact, the interest can be used to subsidise new families that may came up in the village for meeting part of the cost of external materials.


Since 2004, SCORE has been working for their integrated sustainable Development with the support of LACIM FRANCE; SCORE have adopted Seekkuparai and Sitroonipatti villages in Valavanthinaadu panchayat and working for the full-fill of the basic needs and sustainable Livelihood & Development activities for the tribal women and children. Education is a tool for development. The education programme of SCORE aims at access to education for all children in the tribal regions. This began by establishing evening coaching centres in the tribal villages where children under the age group of 6 - 14 are enrolled. These centres enable access to quality education in areas where most government schools remain defunct. Over the years while focus on quality education continued, we also played our role in strengthening the mainstream government supported education system. Status of Tribal communities in Kollihills of Namakkal As children they do not receive the same nourishment or medical treatment afforded to their brothers. Their education rarely goes beyond primary school.

Their marriages are arranged and they have no choice about where they live or how many children to have. They do more work than husbands but receive half the pay. Even their participation in local politics is dominated by men. As Tribal, they are made to sit on the floor. We have provided Books, Note Books, Educational materials and shoe and shocks for school students, Helping small amount for House Repairing work and marriage help for poor Tribal poor women, Medical help for poor older Tribal persons, Free medicines for small health problems and given loan for Tribal women SHG's. This year we have planned to set up socio economic activities for women SHG's. This year we have established Grocery shop in Seekupparai village for the women SHGs income generation activities. 40 women were supported dairy and goat rearing loan to avail IGP activities. The loan schemes supported the target women to enhance their earning which has achieved poverty alleviation in their families.


Although women are traditionally underrepresented in village decision making, SCORE believes that promoting women's involvement in community institutions is essential for changing attitudes about health, education and household expenditure. Women's involvement also broadens the interest of community stake-holders by strengthening and enriching democratic dialogue of self-governing people's institutions. In SCORE working villages, women have led the way in building local support for SCORE and have successfully used the SCORE governance model to oversee the implementation of developmental interventions in education, immunization, maternal and prenatal health and the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. SCORE has supported these and other efforts by helping women to establish Self-Help Groups (SHGs), which allow women to increase their savings and become micro entrepreneurs by accessing credit networks through local branches of banks. For socio-economic empowerment of the rural women, 125 Self-Help Groups (SHGs) have been promoted in the target area. In each SHG, there are 15-20 women members. Further, all the SHGs have opened saving bank accounts in the local nationalized and corporative banks to deposit their savings and each SB A/c is operated jointly by the elected president and treasurer. In order to strengthen the SHGs, a two days each and 7 batches organized by SCORE on various dates at Community welfare centre, Thogaimalai and SCORE training centre. There 40 SHGs leaders participated in each batch and more knowledge were learned in the. The following topics were covered in the orientation course.

Cash Book Maintenance

Ledger Keeping

Savings And Credits

Micro Credits

Micro Enterprises

Loan Repayments

Rural Entrepreneurship Development

Eminent resource persons from various nationalized and cooperative banks and leading NGOs were invited to conduct the sessions of the orientation course.


SCORE is one of the Service Provider for Rural small and marginal farmers promoting on organic farming and sustainable Agriculture. We have identified 1500 Rural Farmers from Base line survey conducting in 31 villages in Thogaimalai block in Karur district for this organic farming activity. All our activities facilitated by RCOP Bangalore and KRISHI Vigyan Kendra Pulutheri, Karur district. Also we collaborated with CENDECT (KVK THENI) and JASuL Network, Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture (LEISA) Network Trichy for programme successful implementation. SCORE is District Convener of JOINT ACTION FOR SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOOD (JASuL Network) with 15 grassroots NGO's in Karur District. 6 orientation trainings for farmers on organic agriculture, soil erosion, land degradation, ground water level, seed collection, vermi compost making and usage of sustainable agriculture.


SCORE organized youth sensitization camp and formed youth Self Help Groups in Thogaimalai block and also Kolli hills Tribal areas. 35 Youth Groups were formation and development in 25 villages with 670 youth members. We have organized youth sensitization training programme in 7 villages Content of this training on personality development, Leadership quality, and service to the poor communities etc, SCORE has also promoted men SHG's for sustainable development and motivated savings and credit management activities. We have conducted the leadership training for Youths and animation of village welfare activities. In order to create Awareness and opportunity for self-employment and other purpose among the rural people.


There are increasing numbers of child labours in artificial gem polishing units, coir-rope making units, welding shop, hotels, agricultural field and terracotta making units located in Thogaimalai and Kolli hills blocks of Karur and Namakkal districts. Main reasons attributed to this are that literacy of the parents, school drop out at elementary stage, rural poverty, etc., To prevent this social menace, SCORE decided to seek the co-operation of the parents of the child laborers and employers who had employed the child labors. Accordingly, a two days seminar was organized by SCORE, in which 40 parents and 15 employers of gem polishing, coir-rope making and terracotta making units participated.

The resource persons spoke in the seminar on rights and protection of child laborers. At the end of the seminar, we have awareness rally and sought the slogans against child labour system and the cooperation of the parents and the employers was sought to establish special schools for the child laborers with the financial support from the district administration under ILO funded scheme.


Two days cancer awareness camp was held at Community Centre, Thogaimalai. About 40 SHGs women attended the camp. Dr.A.P.Nagarajan MBBS., delivered a special address on cancer and facts and factors of cancer and early detection for sure cure. He also enumerated different types of cancer as follows:

Breast cancer

Uterus cancer

Blood cancer

Mouth cancer

Stomach cancer

Throat cancer

Lungs cancer

Consequently, the doctor advised to the women to share this useful information about cancer among other members of the SHGs during the weekly meetings.

SCORE carried out an awareness generation programme on T.B and Diabetics in the adopted villages of Thogaimalai and Kolli hills blocks, through wall posters, wall writings, Banners, Placards and hand bills. These Campaign activities motivated a large number of rural and Tribal parents to participate in the programme.


Since 1999, SCORE conducted environmental awareness programme with the partnership of Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt.of India. In this year, the theme was "BIO - DIVERSITY CONSERVATION". SCORE organized a Seminar, Competition, Awareness rally and Tree plantation on this theme and organized a Public meeting at Govt. High School, Kalugur. In addition, it arranged plantation of saplings through School Students and SHG leaders in and around the school campus and village with participation of the local people and elected Panchayat President and Panchayat Union councilor and ward members.

And also demonstrated Vermi Compost making on 21.02.2013 and 22.02.2013. There 125 boys and 110 girls and 60 men and women SHGs members and farmers participated in the seminar. Mr.M.Arjunan, M.Sc. Agri, Govt. Agricultural Department, Thogaimalai, Mr.S.Senthil Kumar, Organic Farmer, Mr.D.Manivel, Agri, Covai Green India foundation, Mr.Arumugam, School Head Master, Kalugur and Mr.AA.Balasundharan, Secretary SCORE delivered a special address. The following topics were covered.

Bio - Diversity conservation

Organic farming

Vermi compost making

Avoid plastic

Tree plantation

Environment conservation

Promotion of Soil Fertility


AIDS Prevention and Control is one of our most important projects we are currently concentrating to prevent the spread of STI/HIV among rural and Tribal ignorant people due to their ignorant sex contact with multi partners. Through this programme, we provide services of Awareness, Intervention and Condom Usage Promotion and Counseling through distribution of IEC Materials, Public Address System and Cultural Performance in important points. SCORE is active member of TamilNadu Voluntary Health Association (TNVHA) Chennai, and getting the moral support and guidance for this activities. Bearing in mind the importance of STI/HIV/AIDS Prevention activities, it is planned to extend the above services in near future, among the Women in Prostitution (WIPs), Truck Workers, and other vulnerable groups. In the awareness session, the resource person delivered the following key notes:

Proper condom use as preventive and contraceptive

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

Myths and misconception of HIV/AIDS and STI

Mode of transmission of HIV/AIDS

Prevention methods

Basic information of HIV/AIDS

STI Medical care

AIDS counseling services

Already we 126 Positive persons have identified and 30 persons were died. And remaining 96 persons were getting the counseling and health knowledge and 10 persons have benefited from loan for Income Generation activities. Peer Educators and supportive groups were formed and motivated to the support of positive persons. These peer educators reached different sections of the rural population through a number of awareness programs, distribution of materials, and cultural programs. To study the impact of the project, focus group discussions were held among selects persons from peer health educators, outreach workers and barbers; these focus group discussions revealed that the program was successful.


SCORE's health staff continues to focus on Mother and Child health care - providing support to antenatal mothers, monitoring immunization, screening TB patients, health and hygiene education, training. According to some medical survey reports that there are increasing numbers of Anemia affected children in rural areas when compared to the urban areas. Various reasons and factors are attributed to this that lack of health awareness, Malnutrition, lack of ANC and PNC services, get married in close blood relatives, hereditary etc., Hence, SCORE realized that the rural women and mothers need to be given awareness education on the above topics to bring down the rate of mentally retarded children in rural areas. So, SCORE organized a two days awareness education seminar on Mother and child health Awareness at Thogaimalai SCORE Training centre. There 40 women and lactating mothers from the adopted villages participated in the seminar.


SCORE has conducted Continuously Self-Employment Training for most backward, backward and scheduled caste women on Tailoring, Greeting Card Making, Embroidering and Modern Dress Making. SCORE has trained thousands of people as Ready made Dress makers, Greeting cards makers, Gem cutting workers, etc., over the last three decades to improve the living standards of people, avoid distress migration and meet these demands. People who were trained in these skills could be employed in the nearby town and cities in training institute, Garments shop, Textiles etc. This essentially had proved to be a remedy for distress migration that was rampant in the villages. Trainings were conducted earlier for women SHGs in small scale trades in the own support. This year 90 girls from Thogaimalai Block were trained in tailoring through a 6 months and One year course. Greeting card making and Embroidering training totally 110 women and girls were trained and above 60% of the trained people were production of greeting cards and sale the high price. Future, SCORE to start the production and sales unit in Thogaimalai main bazaar with the support Nationalized Bank, Thogaimalai or Abroad agencies and to export abroad for high rates.


According to some medical survey reports that there are increasing numbers of disabled and mentally retarded children in rural areas when compared to the urban areas. Various reasons and factors are attributed to this that lack of health awareness, Malnutrition, lack of ANC and PNC services, get married in close blood relatives, hereditary etc., Hence, SCORE realized that the rural and tribal women and mothers need to be given awareness education on the above topics to bring down the rate of mentally retarded children in rural areas. So, SCORE organized a two day awareness education seminar on child mental retardation on May 20-21, 2012 at SCORE Training centre, Thogaimalai. There 50 women and lactating mothers from the adopted villages participated in the seminar.


Rural consumers are easily exploited by marketing people with sub-standard products, under-weighed products, 'expired' products and soon. This exploitation is also found in agricultural commodities and medicines. In order to alert rural people to these dangers, consumer awareness meetings are regularly conducted in the villages particularly among SHG women, youths and general public. In this reporting year, 40 SHG's were given training on consumerism awareness lectures on standards, scales, and pricing and consumer rights. 5 seminars were arranged for rural women on subjects such as Consumer Act, Consumer Associations, Administrative procedures and Consumer rights. The consumer council was formed at Thogaimalai and Kavalkaranpatti areas. Nearly 200 enrolled themselves as members in consumer forum and continue to derive benefits. IEC materials were produced to the all participants and general public.


SCORE organized celebration of Road Safety Week on 01.01.2013 to 07.01.2013 at Thogaimalai main Bazaar in Bus stand, Govt. Hospital, Market, Union office, Higher secondary school areas with the theme of "Life is Safe, If Driving is Safe". IEC materials were distributed to the Two wheeler and Four wheeler passengers and general public. The message contained Road Safety awareness, rules and regulations of the road ways, safety driving, against "Drunken Driving" speed control and road safety policy of TamilNadu Govt. The youth association leaders and volunteers were involved in this campaign.


SCORE is active partner with the Catalyst Trust, Chennai since 2005 for the Citizen Centre at SCORE office, Thogaimalai with the concept of Basic Needs is Basic Rights. This center has used for poor and disadvantaged people for their Rights and Basic needs related resources. The farmers, School students and SHG's women and general public were benefited also.

Various resources books, magazine, Newsletter and government and private welfare schemes and so many resources with Information's have included. SCORE have planned to set up mobile Citizen Center and round the all villages in weekly once with need based information for poor people.


SCORE promoting Grass root NGOs networking in 3 districts of Tamil Nadu under the name of "HEAL Network TamilNadu" in concept of 3 H implementation. ie Health, Hunger and Humanity. The heads of NGOs in the network met monthly once and discussed about the present status of 3 H. And also SCORE Collaborated with following Networks in International, National and Regional levels as follows:

    Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI), Govt.of India.

    Neighbourhood Children's Parliament (NCN) Trichy.

    Health Education and Action for Liberation, Karur.

    TamilNadu NGO's Alliances for Control of Tobacco,

    Clean up the world, Switzerland,

    Tamil Nadu Voluntary Health Association, Chennai.

    Society for Abolish of Bondedness, Trichy.

    Joint Action for Sustainable Livelihood (JASuL) Madurai.

    UN - HABITAT, Kenya,

    SCORE is coordination with District Nehru Yuvakendra Karur District and District Rural Development Agency Karur district for various awareness and development programmes.


    As SCORE is known to be a service organization in this area, many social issues, problems and unfulfilled needs are brought to its attention every year with the hope that SCORE will fulfill everything. While SCORE has its resource and executive limitations, it continues to do its best to provide services and expand its current programs carefully without over-stepping its legs. Current flagships of SCORE include our successful support programs for HIV-affected children and our micro-finance programs for Self-Help Groups. SCORE thanks its friends, consultants and overseas supporters who promote and guide its stepwise progress to achieve its full goals and become a self-reliant organization. For this, it has to initiate new endeavors and build on the financial and technical assistance of its current partners and explore new partners. SCORE takes this opportunity to thank all its funding partners particularly the LACIM, FRANCE and Ministry of Environment and Forests, Govt. of India, Peace Trust, Dindigul and TNVHA Chennai.

    SCORE is also thankful to all its staff and board members, without whose dedicated work it could not have made all the accomplishments. And finally on behalf of SCORE, I wish and request everyone to join hands with us and continue all your support and cooperation in the forthcoming years also to help SCORE achieve its development mission.

    Our sincere thanks to all.

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